Capitalizing on the Brown Pink Lip Trend

There are many great lipsticks on the market right now. It can be difficult to choose. However, when looking for the best brown pink lipstick, one brand outshines the rest.

For the ultimate moisturizing lipstick, go with PUR cosmetics. They have a new line coming out soon that is sure to feature a beautiful brown pink. In their current line, Chateau de Vine, a little bit of mixology will create this look. Jezebel is the perfect deep brown with a huge hit of pink. One might want to add a bit of Fashonista, a bright pink, to the mix. However, that might end up giving the look a purple tone as well. It really depends how deep or bright one wants the look to go.

Right now, brown pink lipstick is a huge trend. Keep an eye on PUR cosmetics as their next line of lipsticks is sure to impress. Right now, the lipstick is clearing out on their website, so look there for a super deal.